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Client Choice – International 2013
Robert Hogarth’s practice evolved out of RPC being a market
leader in construction professional indemnity, and focuses
mainly on contractors and utility companies. For insurers, claims
are an integral part of their business, whereas for insureds such
as contractors they are simply an unwelcome incident of their
business. The feedback from contractors is that they love the
professional litigator approach to dispute resolution, which is
the hallmark of firms with a strong insurance pedigree, such as
RPC. That approach is founded on a sense of responsibility for
the commercial outcome, something which is deeply etched in
the insurance lawyer’s psyche. At RPC, that commerciality is
coupled with unique budgeting and risk assessment tools
developed in-house to deliver the successful business
outcomes on which the firm’s reputation depends.
Mr Hogarth is a Technology and Construction Solicitors’
Association accredited adjudicator and editor of
Insurance Law
for the Construction Industry
(Oxford University Press).
Tower Bridge House
St Katherines Way
United Kingdom
+44 20 3060 6000
+44 20 3060 7000
What clients said
“An excellent communicator who not only represents
his clients well, but also conveys his message to
both lay and professional clients with simplicity and
in easy-to-understand chunks.”
“Perhaps his single biggest asset is his ability to
listen and adapt to the needs of clients, including
changing his team and developing new product
“Robert is one of the finest construction litigators of
his generation. He has an uncanny knack of knowing
which legal arguments will work and, perhaps more
importantly, why.”
“I have never seen him outmanoeuvred in any action
for us.”
Hogarth, Robert
RPC – Partner |
Winner – Construction, United Kingdom