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Client Choice – International 2013
Christian Kilger is a founding partner of Fanelli Haag & Kilger
PLLC and a qualified European patent attorney. He has
represented pharmaceutical and biotech clients in complex
opposition and infringement proceedings before the European
Patent Office (EPO) and the German Federal Patent Court, as
well as in licensing, contractual and due diligence cases.
After studying genetics and biochemistry in Munich, Dr
Kilger completed his PhD in genetics. In 1997 he joined LION
bioscience AG, a NASDAQ-listed biotech company, where he
was responsible for all IP matters. In 2005 he joined Boehmert &
Boehmert. He then headed the Berlin office of Vossius & Partner.
In 2012 he became a founding partner of Fanelli Haag & Kilger.
Dr Kilger has authored numerous articles relating to
biotechnological inventions. He is a certified trainer of the
Licensing Executives Society International, and has advised the
state of Berlin, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the
EPO and the German Federal Ministry of Research on IP issues.
Dr Kilger is listed in
Legal 500
Fanelli Haag Kilger PLLC
Fasanenstr 29
+49 30 270 193 550
+49 30 270 193 555
What clients said
“He has kept his curiosity and is a sure bet if you
need creative solutions to complex problems. He
does not live in an ivory tower, and as such delivers
not only creative but also realistic solutions.”
“Because of his work and exceptional performance,
I rate him extremely highly for his competence,
reliability and loyalty to our company and for
carrying out work at very high quality and, if
necessary, at very short notice.”
“He has been an indispensable expert in securing
IP rights and patent claims and supporting us on
numerous levels in evaluating IP-related contracts
and projects. He has exceptional communication
skills that are essential in negotiations with other
“Dr Kilger, in comparison to other firms and
attorneys, has outstanding expertise and
commercial awareness, especially in the field
of healthcare and life sciences.”
Kilger, Christian
Fanelli Haag Kilger PLLC – Founding Partner |
Winner – Healthcare & Life Sciences, Germany