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Client Choice – International 2013
Eduardo Nobre is the chief executive officer of Leite, Tosto e
Barros and practises in the area of public law, with a focus on
administrative and electoral law. He is one of those responsible
for the modernisation of electoral law practices, as well as
having defended most of the Brazilian political parties and
several national politicians, in addition to countless private
companies. In the area of administrative law, Mr Nobre focuses
his practice on proceedings related to competitive biddings,
public service grants and private-public partnerships. He also
assists clients in regulatory matters in the energy sector. Further,
he has handled claims before the accounting courts, assisted
companies and public entities with civil enquiries and dealt with
popular, public and administrative improbity lawsuits. Mr Nobre
is a member of the Brazilian Association for Infrastructure and
Basic Industry, founder and second treasurer of the Brazilian
Institute of Political and Electoral Law and founder and general
treasurer of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law.
Leite, Tosto e Barros
Rua Doutor Paes de Barros,
1017 – 5th Floor
Sao Paulo
+55 11 3847 3829
+55 11 3847 3800
What clients said
“Besides his technical knowledge and ability,
Eduardo should be the winner because he has been
successful in more than 90% of our critical cases.”
“He is very communicative and shows outstanding
commercial insight. Eduardo is a lawyer who can
effectively delve into customers’ problems and
provide the best solutions allied to the best
“The outcome of the litigations that were conducted
by him was excellent and faster than we expected,
due to his personal ability and experience in this
kind of litigation.”
Maffia Queiroz Nobre, Eduardo
Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados – Partner |
Winner – Public Law, Brazil