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Client Choice – International 2013
Jonathan Marashlian is the managing partner of Marashlian
& Donahue, LLC, The CommLaw Group. He also leads The
Commpliance Group, the firm’s affiliated consulting firm.
Mr Marashlian is a nationally recognized expert in the areas
of communications regulations, taxes and fees, audit defence,
litigation and advocacy. He also counsels clients regarding
customer privacy and data security issues, licensing, mergers
and acquisitions and commercial transactions.
Mr Marashlian boasts a vibrant and diverse
telecommunications, IT and IP law practice serving US and
international clients operating in virtually every sector of the
industry, including traditional domestic and international
telecommunications, cloud communications and computing,
Voice over Internet Protocol, software as a service and other
advanced communications service providers. He is responsible
for managing a team of highly skilled professionals and guiding
the firm’s clientele through the byzantine and rapidly evolving
maze of state, federal and international communications and
IT laws, regulations and policies.
The CommLaw Group family of firms offers clients value-
driven, high-quality professional services that deliver business-
savvy solutions for task-appropriate costs – all provided with
the customer-friendly approach that has become its hallmark.
Marashlian & Donahue, LLC
1420 Spring Hill Rd
Suite 401
McLean VA
United States
+1 703 714 1313
+1 703 714 1330
What clients said
“Mr Marashlian has successfully guided us through
a myriad of telecommunications regulations and
requirements. He provides the highest level of legal
counsel and business guidance at rates far more
competitive than any other lawyer.”
“Mr Marashlian has built a firm that provides
tremendous value. From his fixed-fee approach to
compliance services to his reasonable rates for legal
advice and opinions, we rely on his firm to ensure
compliance with the vast telecommunications laws
and fees.”
“His knowledge and experience with the nuances
and intricacies of telecommunications law and
regulations have enabled us to ‘punch far above
our weight’ in legal disputes.”
“Jonathan is able to frame the risks we face and
then develop strategies to manage these risks.”
Marashlian, Jonathan
Marashlian & Donahue, LLC – The CommLaw Group – Managing Partner |
Winner – Telecommunications, United States