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Client Choice – International 2013
Édis Milaré is a managing partner and counsel in the
environment law practice at Milaré Advogados, Sao Paulo,
Mr Milaré received his LLB from the Mackenzie University
School of Law in Sao Paulo and his LLM in social rights from
the Catholic University School of Law in the state of Sao Paulo.
He was a Sao Paulo state public prosecutor (retired) and lead
coordinator of the Prosecution Offices for Environmental Affairs
in the state of Sao Paulo from 1983 to 1992. Mr Milaré has also
head of the Sao Paulo Environment Office;
chairman of the Forest Conservation and Sustainable
Development Foundation in the state of Sao Paulo;
chairman of the jurists committee instituted by the Sao
Paulo government to draft the National Environment Code
a member of the advisory board of the
Institute O Direito
por um Planeta Verde
; and
a member of the publishing board of the environment
magazine published by
Editora Revista dos Tribunais
Sao Paulo.
Mr Milaré has published articles in environment magazines
both in Brazil and abroad, and has authored a number of books
on environmental issues. He is also a professor of environment
law at recognised institutions.
Milaré Advogados
Rua Clodomiro Amazonas,
1099, cj 124
Sao Paulo
+55 11 3046 7470
+55 11 3046 7470
What clients said
“I have worked with Édis Milaré for many years on all
environmental matters related to our company. I have
never received anything less than superb service.”
“Mr Milare is the best in his field. He is a good
communicator who understands the market and is
able to explain it to other experts and non-lawyers
“His knowledge and awareness among public
authorities make Milaré Advogados one the most
respected law firms in Brazil.”
“Edis Milare is a fantastic lawyer and a recognised
expert in his field.”
Milaré, Édis
Milaré Advogados – Managing Partner |
Winner – Environment, Brazil