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Client Choice – International 2013
Avi Ordo is a partner at S Horowitz & Co where he specialises
in commercial and cross-border litigation and arbitration. His
diverse practice focuses on complex IP and technology-related
conflicts, product liability, distribution agreements and includes
a unique expertise in gambling, gaming law and database rights.
Over the past 20 years Mr Ordo has successfully
represented leading national and multinational companies in the
pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, insurance, defence and
security, automotive, media, education, banking, food,
beverages and clothing sectors, among others.
A frequent contributor to numerous publications pertaining
to Israeli law and a coveted speaker before various legal forums,
Mr Ordo’s favourite topic is the art of cross-examination (one
of his exceptional skills). He is also a member of several
international legal associations, including the International
Trademark Association and the Voice of the Defence Bar.
Mr Ordo is highly ranked and recommended as a leading
practitioner in many professional directories such as the
European Legal 500
Chambers Global Guide
, the latter
describing him as a “developing star”. The 2012
Trademark Review 1000
ranked him in the first tier of Israeli
enforcement and litigation lawyers and described him as a
“noted expert in both contentious and non-contentious, with
a prestigious client base”, quoting clients who “salute his
exemplary advocacy”. In 2011 Mr Ordo was also chosen as
Product Liability Lawyer of the Year in Israel by
Corporate INTL
S Horowitz & Co
31 Ahad Haam Street
Tel Aviv
+972 3 5670601
+972 3 5660974
What clients said
“He is the best IP and litigation lawyer in Israel.”
“Mr Ordo uniquely combines intelligence,
thoroughness, a strong work ethic and the ability
to translate the heavy local legal lingo into
commercial sense, and his work product is
consistently outstanding.”
“Avi managed to foresee the next steps quite
brilliantly in each case.”
“Resourceful, eloquent and highly effective.
A true standalone lawyer in the Israeli market
and an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Ordo, Avi
S Horowitz & Co – Partner |
Winner – Litigation, Israel