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Client Choice – International 2013
Trained as an English barrister, James Tumbridge has wide
jurisdictional experience, having practised law in England and
Wales, the United States and Canada. He is an advocacy and
litigation specialist whose practice has covered a wide variety
of matters – from commercial litigation, admiralty and IP
disputes to employment disputes and mortgage repossession
claims. He has appeared in the English High Court, the Ontario
Court of Appeal and the English Court of Appeal, and has
worked on matters before the House of Lords as well as working
with Gowlings offices on Supreme Court of Canada cases.
Mr Tumbridge’s main disputes practice focuses on patents,
copyright, trademarks and designs, and he is known for his
alternative dispute resolution work. He is also an
ad hoc
to various UK members of Parliament and members of the
European Parliament on a range of IP and dispute issues.
Through his engagement with policy makers, Mr Tumbridge
has extensive government relations experience and advises
clients on how to prepare for legislative changes and regulatory
compliance. He is also a qualified mediator, listed with the
World Intellectual Property Organisation, the UK Intellectual
Property Office, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Group, the
International Dispute Resolution Society, Talk Mediation and
As an elected common councilman for the City of London,
Mr Tumbridge is involved in a range of services (eg, planning
decisions, representing business interests to government,
community and children services, markets, libraries and open
15th Floor
125 Old Broad Street
United Kingdom
+44 20 3004 3502
+44 20 7480 5367
What clients said
“He is first class.”
“His expert knowledge was clear for all to see, but he
also had the professional contacts to solve problems
readily at hand for seemingly every eventuality.”
“I do not know what services and professionalism
other lawyers can provide, but if they can beat
James in his attitude, knowledge and approach,
I would be astonished.”
“James takes the time to ensure that he is well
briefed in all areas, understands the client’s business
needs and is conscious of the cost implications in
order to deliver good value for money.”
Tumbridge, James
Gowlings – Counsel |
Winner – Litigation, United Kingdom