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Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados specialises
in business law and provides comprehensive
legal support to companies in a wide variety of
sectors. The firm also has one of Brazil’s largest
dispute resolution practices, including arbitration
and administrative and judicial litigation. It
maintains a close, interactive relationship with
its clients to ensure that its work is effective in
achieving their business objectives. Its
experienced and specialised professionals
hold graduate and postgraduate degrees from
renowned national and international universities,
and contribute to the evolution of law through
the publication of articles in leading Brazilian
media, as well as through lectures at
conferences and seminars around the world.
The team includes fluent speakers of
Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian,
German, Hebrew, Arabic and Mandarin.
Main areas of practice
Dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration)
– one of Brazil’s largest dispute resolution
practices, with expertise including civil,
commercial, administrative and criminal
litigation in commercial disputes,
shareholder disputes, consumer law,
public law, business crime, product liability,
taxes and labour and employment.
Administrative – public biddings,
concessions and public service awards,
including related litigation and assistance
with local, state and federal congressional
Banking – assistance and advice to
financial institutions regarding Central Bank
regulation, bank contracts, interventions
and extra-judicial liquidations; advice on
foreign capital including planning and
studies of investments in Brazil, financial
transfers and return of investments;
planning, structuring, constitution and
registration of investment funds; and
litigation and administrative actions before
the Central Bank and the courts.
Capital markets – advice and assistance
with initial public offerings before the
Securities and Exchange Commission;
administrative and judicial litigation of
capital markets matters; preparation for the
issue of security values on the national and
international capital markets; investment
funds, portfolios and equity operations,
prospective contracts, options and swaps;
and stock market exchange, prospective
markets and over-the-counter markets.
Bankruptcy, restructuring and credit
recovery – credit recovery, including the
execution of all legal and administrative
measures regarding the recovery of
credits, execution procedures, collection
procedures, monetary actions, search and
seizure, deposit, ownership reintegration,
filing for bankruptcy, qualification and
impugnation of declared credits; and
renegotiations and restructuring of debt
and commercial agreements.
Civil and commercial – contracts; real
estate incorporations, purchases, sales
and rentals; civil damages; liability of legal
entities, partners, directors; civil contractual
extraordinary obligations (eg, loans,
deposits, mandates, insurance, guarantees,
properties, ownerships, mortgages,
commercial pledges and commercial
representations); and legal action regarding
rights protection.
Consumer law – advice on consumer
protection, advertising and commercial
practices, and defence against liability
claims and public prosecution on consumer
protection grounds.
Corporate – incorporation of companies,
partnerships, consortia, joint ventures and
associations; preparation and negotiation
of shareholder agreements and quota
holder agreements; corporate maintenance
and back-office support; corporate
restructurings, including spin-offs,
incorporation of companies and shares,
dissolutions, mergers and transformation
of companies; negotiation of control,
transfers and sale of minority shares and
resolution of shareholder disputes; and
succession and estate planning.
Criminal law – white collar crime; money
laundering; economic crimes (eg, unfair
competition, capital markets, consumer
rights); criminal violations related to public
biddings; bankruptcy law; environmental
law; and extra-judicial liquidation and
Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados
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