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Client Choice – International 2013
Experience, knowledge and creativity are the three most
remarkable attributes of Guilherme Justino Dantas. Operating
for more than 20 years in the legal industry, he has acquired
significant experience working for auditing firms, in-house legal
departments and law firms.
Mr Dantas obtained a JD from the Pontifical Catholic
University of Campinas in 1996, and a postgraduate degree
in telecommunications law and economic law from
Getúlio Vargas.
Mr Dantas is a member of the International Bar Association,
co-founder and former member of the board of the Association
of International Tax Consultants and member of the board of
Avrio Association.
Together with his first partners, Mr Dantas established
Dantas, Lee, Brock and Camargo Advogados and built it into
a firm that is known for its innovation, technology, skilled
management and high performance, and which is highly
recognised by clients. In 2013 the firm – which is one of the
20 largest firms in Brazil, with 400 professionals – celebrates
10 years of high-level legal services and achievements.
Dantas, Lee, Brock &
Camargo Lawyers
Avenida Juscelino
Kubitschek, 28 – 6th, 7th and
10th Floors
Itaim Bibi – Sao Paulo
+55 2149 5423
+55 3167 3805
What clients said
“He is an external lawyer who provides an excellent
quality of legal consultancy, totally focusing on the
business-client strategy and always finding the way
to deliver good prices.”
“Every time that I needed support in complex cases
that required litigation, business and corporate
experience, Mr Dantas made it possible for the
project to succeed.”
“It doesn’t matter what the nature of the legal
challenge is, ranging from tax matters to a complex
project financing, Guilherme is able to understand
quickly the details, structure all possible scenarios
and indicate risks.”
“It is comforting to know that I can count on a
lawyer who has the ability to dig into a deep
discussion about anything related to business
law after only a quick briefing.”
Dantas, Guilherme Justino
Dantas, Lee, Brock & Camargo Lawyers – Lawyer |
Winner – General Corporate, Brazil