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Client Choice – International 2013
Maurizio Dardani began his professional career in 1975 and
progressively specialised in maritime law and international trade
law. He is now considered one of the top experts in the field.
After working as a partner at law firm Balestra, Kielland,
Dardani, in 2004 he established Genoa Chambers (a cooperative
structure among independent professionals). In 2012 he
established Dardani Studio Legale.
Mr Dardani has handled difficult disputes, both in court and
in arbitration, involving charterparties, shipbuilding, sale and
purchase contracts and marine insurance, collision and salvage,
and oil pollution. Many of his cases have been reported. In
addition to serving as counsel to parties in litigation, Mr Dardani
is frequently appointed as an arbitrator.
Mr Dardani regularly advises Italian and foreign shipowners,
particularly in relation to ship sale and purchase and
shipbuilding contracts, as well as in complex matters of ship
financing which require expertise in different laws.
Mr Dardani frequently lectures at conferences and has been
referenced in many legal publications. He is a member of the
executive committee of the Italian Association of Maritime Law.
Dardani Studio Legale
piazza G Verdi 6/9
+39 010 576 1816
+39 010 595 7705
What clients said
“Mr Dardani is extremely serious, loyal and
professional, and his moral integrity is worthy
of note.”
“He is always ready to assist his clients and presents
a perfect picture of the situation in the simplest way.”
“It is very interesting see how he proceeds during
litigation and/or negotiations, in a calm manner,
always maintaining the highest point of attention
without showing any sign of hesitancy; he has a
lot of patience.”
“Mr Dardani has a very professional and refined
approach to all shipping controversies and has an
elegant style in handling any dispute.”
Dardani, Maurizio
Dardani Studio Legale – Founder |
Winner – Shipping & Transport, Italy